Advice We Love: Holiday Beauty by Sharon Becker of SB Beauty

New York City turns every season into a special occasion, but December holidays in New York are extra special. Visitors from all over the world descend on Midtown Manhattan to enjoy the lights and festive atmosphere, and we New Yorkers get to revel in the glow of all the decorations in offices, homes, store windows, and even city busses. What I enjoy most is attending holiday parties (you never have to beg me to wear sparkles) and toasting my friends and colleagues.
So, with parties, gift shopping, decorating, and travel, the holidays are busy. How do you quickly and easily adapt your makeup to suit the season?  Add one or two new products! Depending on your age and personality, you can emphasize one or two features. (We are talking holiday parties, not Mardi Gras).
LIPS: Red is a natural choice for a holiday lipstick, and it comes in every shade and form imaginable. If you wear a gorgeous red as a change, you can keep the rest of your makeup simple. To keep your lipstick from fading at a party when you’re eating and drinking, start with MAC Lasting Lust, $23. Another long-wearing shade for holiday is Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense #21 (pearly bright red), $19.
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You can also use one of your favorite lipsticks and glide a glitter gloss on top; try LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre in either gold glitter or silver shimmer. Easy, and only $16! Sephora brand also has a Glossy Gloss that has a few high shimmer shades, and that’s just $10.
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EYES: Let’s create some pop without breaking the bank! If you like to have fun with makeup (and you should – makeup is fun), then pick up Sephora’s Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara combo, which comes in a dozen flashy shades. Swipe it on your regular makeup look for an easy and very festive change.
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A more subtle holiday shine can be achieved by using one of your favorite light shimmer shadows on the inner corner of your eye (tear duct area). Use a small natural bristle brush and pat the shadow onto the top and bottom of the tear duct V, blending it into your other shadows and liner for a seamless look. Finish with a little extra mascara in the area so that your lashes don’t catch the shadow. If you’re feeling extra frisky, you can swipe a tiny bit of the same shimmer shadow across the top of your cheekbones for a subtle highlight. Voila!
BODY: For New Year’s Eve, try a little glitter spray. Hey, it’s on sale at Sephora for $7! On January 2, give it to your niece.
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All great makeup looks start with beautiful skin, so take care of yourself in December – eat good food, rest, drink plenty of water, exercise, and smile!
Photo by Sofia Negron courtesy of SB Beauty

Photo by Sofia Negron courtesy of SB Beauty

SB Beauty creates fresh, contemporary looks by embracing current trends and incorporating cues from glamour icons. Sharon’s work has been featured in Uttlerly EngagedGrace Ormonde Wedding Style, and blogs like Style Me Prettyand Ruffled. Her work spans advertising, fashion, and bridal. Please contact her via email or Facebook; visit her blog, and website; and follow her on Twitter.
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Project Holiday Organization

The holidays have FINALLY arrived and there is still so much to do! It starts with brainstorming for those perfect gifts, then braving the holiday hoards of mall madness, and culminates in executing the most gorgeous gift wrapping since Buddy the Elf walked through the Lincoln Tunnel. Gifts: check! What did you forget?

Decorating. Some may ask, “What’s so hard about placing a little holly here, a few lights there, picking out a tree, setting out the menorah, or finding the right candles for the kinara?” Well, actually finding those decorations tucked way in the back of the closet, stuffed in a box with other holiday miscellanea, can be a bigger headache than hunting down that one bad light keeping half of your tree unfestively dim. Organization is key when tackling such a project because you don’t want to have to deal with a mess before and after you set up.

Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers, is known nationwide for her expertise in organization. She helps her clients find customized solutions that help them become more organized and, therefore, more productive. She shared some tips with the CUE team on how we all could be more organized throughout this holiday season.


Go through your house and collect all the different holiday items that you have stored in a variety of places: the jack-o-lantern cutting knives in the kitchen, the menorah in the hall closet, the ornaments in the basement. You’ll probably have to open a bunch of “mystery boxes” in the process. This is a good thing. Have a thick black marker handy so you can label the carton with your high school memorabilia when you come across it in the attic.


Now that you see your complete holiday stash, toss or give away the items that you’ll never use: the lady bug costume that your daughter wore four years ago, strings of bulbs tangled beyond any chance of liberation, impulse-purchase ornaments that you have never once displayed, and wrinkled wrapping paper that you wouldn’t use even for the anonymous office grab bag.

Contain and Store

Now that you know how much space your decorations take up, treat yourself to some new containers to store them in. Sturdy plastic bins that stack will save space and protect your decorations from dust, water and breakage. They even make color-coded containers for this purpose – orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, etc. Label the containers so that you can see at a glance what’s in each one.

Designate an out-of-the way place to store your seasonal stuff since you don‘t need to get to it often. The basement, attic, or garage is perfect, if you have one. Apartment dwellers can use a high shelf in a closet or under-the-bed boxes.

Congratulations! You’ve solved a major holiday headache. Now if there was only an easier way to deal with all those relatives who‘ll be visiting …

Thanks Lisa, for all of your wonderful tips! They have already made my holidays less of a mess and allowed me to spend more time on the things that are more important in life.

To find out more on how Lisa Zaslow can help your organizational skills, check out her website at

If some of you are still having difficulty finding time to juggle work or school, decorating, and holiday gift shopping, the CUE team is here to help YOU! We can take care of all your holiday decorating, home or office. Need inspiration? We have plenty! And don’t worry about the dreaded post-holiday undecorating. Not only will we set everything up, but we will also break it down and stow it all away again.

You can e-mail us at We look forward with working with you soon!

Have a safe and happy holiday season.