Vendor Spotlight: Windsor Custom at The Ainsworth

The CUE girls have found a hidden gem underneath The Ainsworth, a wonderful restaurant here in New York City. Down a set of narrow stairs lies Windsor Custom, a custom menswear ‘living room’. This is more than just a shopping experience as you are provided with a full bar, pool table, tasting menu, full privacy, and concierge-like professional service. The clothing style caters to all different types of men, from the finance guy to the artist, from the athlete to the realtor, from the DJ to the lawyer. They have knowledge of all the latest trends and styles and help guide each gentleman into a comfort zone that fits them. This is the perfect place for a groom and his groomsmen to get their wedding attire while also having a great time! Windsor Custom is more hands on than the average custom company and prides its self on being 100% made in the USA.






Photos courtesy of Windsor Custom

Windsor Custom is by appointment only, to reserve call 212-741-0628 and be sure to check them out at




Dress of the Week: Acacia by Anne Barge

This week we bring you a dress from Anne Barge’s 2014 Spring collection. This season Anne was inspired by the romance of the past. The soft pastels and sense of lightness as evoked by the Impressionist painter, Claude Monet was Anne’s muse. She was particularly inspired by Monet’s vision and breath-taking interpretations of his opulent gardens at Giverny, France. Thus, the gown Acacia was designed! This strapless corset is made with beaded Chantilly lace and silk organza. The mermaid skirt is accented with gorgeous cascading ruffles.




Photos courtesy of Anne Barge
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Dress of the Week: Ofelia by Enzoani

This week’s dress is Ofelia from the Modeca 2013 collection by Enzoani. This strapless tulle gown has a fitted ruched bodice that is not only flattering but gives the dress a fun texture. The bottom of the dress is layered tulle that has the perfect amount of volume. Throughout the dress there are subtle floral appliqués for a touch of elegance. This gown is available in white or ivory.



Photo courtesy of Enzoani

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Dress of the Week: Ledurne Model by Pronovias

This week we bring you a dress from Pronovias’ 2014 pre-collection. This floor length gown has a beautiful mermaid skirt made with tulle and nylon frills that will give the allusion that you’re floating as you walk. The strapless neckline is created with feathers, which is my favorite part of this dress. This gown is part of the dreams collection for 2014, and we can see why! Its shape and material give it such a romantic and whimsical feel.


Photo courtesy of Pronovias

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Dress of the Week: Talia by Sarah Jassir

In celebration of Spring finally fighting it’s way in, we bring to you a short wedding dress for your summer wedding. Talia by Sarah Jassir is the best of both worlds as it is a short dress with a train. It’s traditional meets funky. The dress is made with blush taffeta lace and sequin. Its strapless with a chiffon over skirt giving you the traditional train on an otherwise untraditional dress. This dress is available at Angelique Bridal in New York City.

Sarah Jassir Spring 2013_Web Size-025[5] copy

Photo courtesy of Sarah Jassir

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Photo courtesy of Amy Rizzuto

Whether your wedding is on a yacht or the beach, this dress is perfect for your summer wedding!



Advice We Love: How to Choose Your Wedding DJ Wisely

Jon Simon, aka DJ Gatsby, is one of our favorite DJ’s to work with.  He has a unique style, is a pleasure to be around  and has a knowledge of all musical genres.
We’re excited to offer you his tips below on how to choose your wedding DJ.


How to Choose Your Wedding DJ Wisely:

You’re about to marry the love of your life, but could do without his musical tastes.  He’s a country bumpkin from Montana who also digs hip-hop, while you’re a city girl from the Northeast who can’t do without your ‘80s jams.  Who do you go with to bridge your disparate musical tastes in a thoughtful manner on your special day?  Of all the DJs out there, how do you differentiate one between the other?  A poll conducted by Bridge & Groom Magazine a few years ago asked guests the #1 thing they remembered the most, and 80% answered the entertainment.

Besides their rates, you can pick the right DJ for you by keeping these questions in mind:


  • Is the DJ a full or part-timer?  64% of DJs work on a part-time basis, and because of this their experience and qualifications should be questioned.  How many affairs do they have under their belt if it’s not their full-time gig?  Do you also feel that they would be able to answer your questions in a timely manner or work meetings around your schedule if they have a day job?
  • What’s their DJ background?  If they don’t have any or much club DJ experience, they may be lacking the instinctual ability to get the dancefloor packed and keeping them there as well as the important skill of blending the music aligning the tempos together.
  • Are they part of a DJ company or on their own?  DJ companies tend to operate like wedding factories because they do the same dog and pont show most weekends and just swap out the names of the bride and groom.  Their DJ sets could sound stale because they do the same routine over and over without creating a custom playlist based on what you particularly like and dislike.  Ask them how they can meet your needs specifically. Will the person making the sale also spin your wedding, or will they send someone else out to spin?  Because big DJ/Entertainment Companies do so many weddings, they can tend to limit the amount of individual say you can have for your own event.  If they don’t respond to your correspondences within 24 hours during the sales/inquiry process, that should be a sign right there that they won’t be the most attentive and get back to you when the date draws near and communication is crucial.
  • Have they offered to send you recommendations for their work in the past?  A DJ who doesn’t jump on the opportunity to send you references may tell you something about their experience or their job performance.
  • How do they run a face-to-face meeting or a phone chat with you?   In the end when you choose a wedding DJ, you’re going with whom you trust the most with the level of responsibility. Meetings are crucial for you to see how comfortable you feel about the potential vendor and how they operate. Listen in to see if they seem proactive and genuinely interested in taking care of you and your fiancé and not simply going through the motions.
  • What is their philosophy about MCing?  If they spin a lot of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or Sweet 16 parties, I would really be wary.  These DJs either out of habit or style get in people’s faces as if they’re teeny boppers and spend too much time on the mic.  Most of my clients tell me that they want to avoid the “cheesy DJ” stereotype and love when I tell them that I use the mic solely to direct the flow by make necessary announcements and really allow the music to do the real talking.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article and have any additional questions, or would like to receive a quote– please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at:


Jon Simon/DJ Gatsby

CUE Vendor Spotlight: Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Sometimes all you need for a brilliant business idea is a hard working farm girl and a love of sweets. Such was the case for Amy Noelle, which lead to the delicious creation of Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Amy was tired of the overrated, unnatural  cakes that people were concocting and decided to make beautiful all organic, sustainable,  local cakes made with fair-trade ingredients. The bakers of Sugar Flower Cake Shop are dedicated to keeping their shop and cakes green, even making lipstick out of the leftover grease and composting their kitchen scraps.


Photos courtesy of Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Sugar Flower Cake Shop has appeared on the cover of  The New York Times, as well as in Style magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Brides New York, and many others. Their sugar flowers are not only an edible treat, but they are also a treat for the eyes with their realistic petals. Amy, along with her other bakers, also host sugar-flower and cake-making classes in their kitchen, which everyone is encouraged to sign up for! We love Sugar Flower Cake Shop and think that they would be the  perfect, delicious addition to any event! Check them out here: Sugar Flower Cake Shop.



Dress of the Week: Amsale

Thank your best girlfriends for all the times they’ve had your back by putting them in this gorgeous Amsale dress. This floor length gown is perfect for any formal wedding. The keyhole neckline sets it apart, giving it a modern yet classy look. You bridesmaids are sure to feel confident as the band at the waistline gives a flattering look. This dress is pictured in guava but is available in an array of colors to match your wedding theme.


Photo courtesy of Amsale

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Dress of the Week: Reem Acra

This week we bring you a fashion forward wedding gown designed by Reem Acra. This long sleeve, lace dress has a peplum cut with a single large scale ruffle. This draws your eye to the waist line while also subtly hiding the stomach. The high lace collar gives the gown just the right amount of elegance and charm. This gown is perfect for any bride that wants to look classy while also staying in touch with today’s fashion.

Look 13 - 4803 Alluring Beauty - 4897 A Touch of Lace Peplum

Photo courtesy of Reem Acra

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{CUE Real Corporate Event}: The Jarden 2013 Collection Media Preview Event

CUE had the pleasure of working with Jarden Corporation for the second year in a row on their collection media preview event. The event was held in the penthouse of Le Parker Meridien in Manhattan. Numerous brands came to show off new and exciting products for the media to see. From Sunbeam to K2 Sports, the  collections were incredible! Click on the photo below for larger viewing.

All photos courtesy of Casey Fatchett Photography

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