Vendor Spotlight: Windsor Custom at The Ainsworth

The CUE girls have found a hidden gem underneath The Ainsworth, a wonderful restaurant here in New York City. Down a set of narrow stairs lies Windsor Custom, a custom menswear ‘living room’. This is more than just a shopping experience as you are provided with a full bar, pool table, tasting menu, full privacy, and concierge-like professional service. The clothing style caters to all different types of men, from the finance guy to the artist, from the athlete to the realtor, from the DJ to the lawyer. They have knowledge of all the latest trends and styles and help guide each gentleman into a comfort zone that fits them. This is the perfect place for a groom and his groomsmen to get their wedding attire while also having a great time! Windsor Custom is more hands on than the average custom company and prides its self on being 100% made in the USA.






Photos courtesy of Windsor Custom

Windsor Custom is by appointment only, to reserve call 212-741-0628 and be sure to check them out at




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