CUE Vendor Spotlight: Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Sometimes all you need for a brilliant business idea is a hard working farm girl and a love of sweets. Such was the case for Amy Noelle, which lead to the delicious creation of Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Amy was tired of the overrated, unnatural  cakes that people were concocting and decided to make beautiful all organic, sustainable,  local cakes made with fair-trade ingredients. The bakers of Sugar Flower Cake Shop are dedicated to keeping their shop and cakes green, even making lipstick out of the leftover grease and composting their kitchen scraps.


Photos courtesy of Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Sugar Flower Cake Shop has appeared on the cover of  The New York Times, as well as in Style magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Brides New York, and many others. Their sugar flowers are not only an edible treat, but they are also a treat for the eyes with their realistic petals. Amy, along with her other bakers, also host sugar-flower and cake-making classes in their kitchen, which everyone is encouraged to sign up for! We love Sugar Flower Cake Shop and think that they would be the  perfect, delicious addition to any event! Check them out here: Sugar Flower Cake Shop.




One thought on “CUE Vendor Spotlight: Sugar Flower Cake Shop

  1. Sheri,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. We love working with Danielle and the CUE team! The tree cake was one of my all time favorite cakes to create. We were so honored to be included in that wedding!!

    Sweet regards,

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