CUE Vendor Spotlight: Tsirkus Fotografika

It can be a difficult task to create a unique and memorable event that stands out from the rest.   Here at CUE we are always looking to find innovative and fresh vendors to keep your guests impressed.  In Walked RA from Tsirkus Fotografika.

Introducing Tsirkus Fotografika:  a non-profit, public arts organization designed to bring creativity to communities while documenting public life at its most lively.  Tsirkus specializes in vintage itinerant photography and low tech multimedia shows, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Tsirkus is extremely eco-friendly, treading little to no carbon footprint.  They are a tax deductible company when donating via Fractured Atlas, who take public transportation, foot-power or carpool whenever possible and are always looking for better ways to improve the environment.  Tsirkus travels from town to town, designing and capturing unique vintage shoots, using an almost obsolete polaroid camera, where the models act as both model and audience.

-The photography models pose for these unique photos and, subsequently, act as the audience who purchase the photos contributing to the featured non-profit cause.

-The camera, once a staple of portrait studios, a Graflex Super-D is over 70 years old.  There are very few still in active use and very few people who will work on them.

-Tsirkus has been written up in NY Magazine, Supplementaire (UK Fashion Journal), and CBS Philadelphia Online.

Donna and Guy’s Wedding
Photo by Tsirkus Fotografika

RA Friedman is the founder of Tsirkus Fotografika.  The project began due to a freezer failure when a 30+ year-old frozen Polaroid had defrosted and he questioned what to do with it!  When he’s not busy with non-profit photography shows, RA works as an archivist for primarily Yiddish language recordings, a profession held by maybe five other people in the world.  For more information on RA Friedman and Tsirkus Fotografika, visit www. or follow them on Facebook as Tsirkus Fotografika.

The image above is from a recent CUE wedding.  This couple’s guests had a blast with RA.  Check out the rest of the images from this event here:,



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