{CUE Vendor Spotlight}: Abigail Kirsch

What began in the 1960s as a cooking school  in the basement of Abigail Kirsch’s home has turned into a phenomenal catering service which the girls at CUE have had the wonderful opportunity to work with.  They are not only professional and fun to work with, but they go above and beyond expectations. Not only does Abigail Kirsch cater, they also have exclusive venues in eight different locations throughout the tristate area.

The goal of Abigail Kirsch is “to produce creative and delicious menus, whether serving 20 or 2,000.” Though we all may eat with our eyes first, this catering service ensures that every bite tastes as amazing at it looks!


Strawberry Pots de Creme                           Lobster Caprese                              Duo of Sippers & Sweets

All photos courtesy of Abigail Kirsch

Abigail Kirsch caters for a wide array of events from weddings to corporate meetings. Whatever your event, they are certain to impress! Check them out at www.abigailkirsch.com/




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