Trufflepig Travel: Memory Making Company

In 2004, Charlie Scott, Greg Sacks and Jack Dancy came together to form the Toronto-based travel company Trufflepig Travel Inc. These three young men have a mountain of travel experience in 50 different countries and pride themselves on being able to sniff out the best of a destination in the 30 countries where they operate. Trip planners dig deep and get to know their clients through wide-ranging discussions on travel preferences, habits, budget and timing.  Consequently, itineraries are uniquely customized for a client’s every need and desire. Each trip begins with a clean slate and is never “off the shelf.”

Trufflepig is straightforward, transparent and customizable for the travel planning needs of individuals, families or small groups. This company believes that travel is about enriching your life, creating memories with your loved ones, and engaging the world at large! They work their hardest to make your vacation the most memorable you have ever had.

Trufflepig’s online magazine, “The Sounder,” is accessible online at and is full of insight and inspiration for every traveler. In February 2012, Trufflepig was recognized as a “Top Traveler Specialist” in Europe by Conde Nest Traveler .

For more information, or inquiries for planning your next memory, contact:

Charlie Scott Trufflepig Travel, Inc.

Tel: 416-628-1273

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