Dress of the Week: Sarah Jassir

Last week we featured one of Sarah Jassir‘s gowns for our Dress of the Week. As promised, here is the second feature from her Opulence Fall 2012 Collection. This ensemble is not only one of a kind, but also sets a very high bar for those who want to succeed it. This tuxedo is properly named Regal, defined as, “of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified.” With this design Sarah Jassir commemorates one of New York’s greatest achievements: legalizing same-sex marriages. This is one big step into the future of eventually making same-sex marriages legal throughout the United States.

Courtesy of Sarah Jassir

The Regal, a classic silk taffeta tuxedo with beaded tulle blouse, was the opening design presented at Sarah Jassir’s show. The statement was immediate and breathtaking. Later there was an eruption of applause and cheers as the show concluded with the Regal tuxedo and Celestial gown striding down the aisle together.

We greatly applaud Sarah Jassir and her fashion statement. This tuxedo not only looks stunning beside the beautiful traditional gown, but also represents a principle one can proudly espouse.



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