{CUE Vendor Spotlight}: Martin Jobes

CUE has had the pleasure of working with Martin Jobes Design for several years. We thought it would be appropriate to feature one of our recommended floral designers and give you a little taste of this fabulous team’s work. We love working with Martin Jobes Design because every time we join forces, their creativity and innovative designs never fail to impress and teaming with them always results in a joyfully seamless partnership. Take a look at some of their work at our events:

Mekhala and James’ wedding:

Photos Courtesy of MJD

Martina and Michael’s Wedding:

Photos Courtesy of Jenny Ebert

A traditional Indian wedding for Rani and Jay:

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Ebert

Anne and Mike’s Wedding:

Photos Courtesy of Spencer Lum at 5 West Studios

It’s easy to see that Martin Jobes Designs is an exceptional and versatile company that can realize any vision with beauty and class. Check out their website at http://www.martinjobesdesign.com/ to view even more photos of their gorgeous designs.





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