Dress of the Week: Elizabeth Fillmore

This week I picked a dress that is a little different (or as different as a wedding dress can be) and went for something more fun and contemporary. Elizabeth Fillmore designs wedding dresses to satisfy the tastes of all types of brides. She designs traditional gowns to dresses for the big day that have an edge of sexiness to them. Just ask Danielle. Elizabeth Fillmore herself was kind enough to tweak one of her very own designs for Danielle almost just six years ago for Danielle’s wedding dress!

This week’s pick is the Belle dress from the Spring 2012 collection (and Belle just happens to be my favorite Disney princess). Below you can view the Belle French embroidered lace short wedding dress with long sleeves.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.weddinginspirasi.com/

I also love the fashionable veil, that adds a little excitement to the outfit without a long veil taking away from the beauty of the dress. Another way to add some style to this dress would be to wear a bold color shoe such as a fuchsia!

Feel free to browse on the website to get some fabulous ideas!




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