To All the Dads:

On this day, I would like to honor all of the incredible men out there who embody the word “Father”.  My Father instilled in me the importance of a good work ethic and how to save.  He shared with me a love for the beach (the Jersey Shore to be exact) and the ocean, a passion for ice hockey (Go Devils!) and a weakness for good doughnuts.  I inherited his ear for music and his sense of rhythm.  For all of these things I am thankful but, most of all, I am thankful to be able to give him time to share all of these things with his granddaughter.

I am also lucky to have a husband that is an incredible father to his daughter.  A partner who let me sleep in on Father’s Day because I had a late night of work.  I love watching my daughter’s face as he comes in the door after a day of work.  She adores him.  I hear him talk about all of the things he can’t wait to teach her and I melt.

So, to all of the Dads out there, we here at CUE wish you a Happy Father’s Day.  May your day be filled with all of the things and people you love (and hopefully a little BBQ).  🙂



My daughter opening presents with her Pop Pop

A Flintstone Halloween with Daddy



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