{CUE Vendor Spotlight}: NYC Heritage Tours

Need to entertain out-of-towners on your wedding weekend? We have just the solution!

Meet Marc Foner, a licensed NYC tour guide and founder of NYC Heritage Tours, LLC. After meeting with him recently and receiving a “mini” tour on the history of the Financial District, the CUE team found ourselves learning much more than we’d anticipated. Just a short distance from the office, we learned several hundred years of history in about an hour and a half. It’s amazing how much history surrounds the places we stroll by almost every day, and we have no idea!

NYC Heritage Tours offers over 80 tours including an All-City Tour, Ellis Island, Greenwich Village, Secret Museums, and Women of New York. The newest and most anticipated tour: The Mad Men Tour! That’s right, as in a tour based on the TV series Mad Men. Marc and/or his expert team take you through the city, focusing on significant landmarks from various episodes of the show.

If you are looking for something to entertain your out-of-town guests who find themselves with a little free time between your wedding ceremony and the reception, this is the perfect idea! You can also suggest it as an activity for guests who are trying to determine what they can do with an extra day during the wedding weekend. It is a private walking tour that can easily be converted to a bus, van, limo or luxury boat tour tailored to individuals and groups.

Check out Marc’s website at www.nycheritagetours.com and see for yourself!




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