Dress of the Week: Vera Wang

This week’s dress comes from world renowned designer Vera Wang.  Breaking onto the fashion scene in the 1990’s, this creative designer tends to take her designs beyond the usual. Her patterns are more modern and artistic with an almost couture feel to them.

Vera Wang: Spring 2011- Fiona wedding dress

Vera Wang: Spring 2011- Fiona wedding dress


This week’s dress is the Fiona. The asymmetrical gown is ivory with a strapless neckline and a gentle pleating that smoothly transitions to a Mikado mermaid, full organza skirt. The floor-length gown may be available in beige, champagne and white depending on the distributor. This modern bridal dress may just be the one for you!

Rock on,



Behind the Scenes: A CRAVE Photoshoot

For the past year I have been one of the NYC city leaders for the CRAVE guide.  We are almost ready to go to print on the 1st edition of the CRAVE Guide NYC!  It’s a very exciting time and we can’t wait to see the finished product.  This guide is filled with amazing and inspiring female entrepreneurs ranging from the celebrity to the girl next door.  It finally came time for me to schedule my own CRAVE photo shoot and so I thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes action with you.

The NYC guide has been fortunate to have access to the talents of some of this city’s premier photographers.  I had the pleasure of being photographed by Jen Huang whose work is highly coveted in the wedding community.  And no photo shoot would be complete without a fabulous makeup artist.  Anni Bruno is a true artist.  I attended an event the evening of the shoot and not only did the makeup hold up flawlessly, but I’m still getting compliments on how beautiful I looked!

The CRAVE guide shows highlights of each entrepreneur’s work in a 2-page spread laid out in a super pretty book.  These books are THE guide to every city’s most incredible female owned businesses.  For this shoot, I was solely focused on getting a great portrait (which will also be displayed on my website).  🙂

There’s nothing like girl power to make for a fun filled day!  We had a blast putting this together and we hope you enjoy the finished product.



Anni Bruno creating my flawless makeup


Anni Bruno and I posing for the camera

The Winner!

Oscar Inspiration

Oscar Night. An evening of beautiful gowns, celebrities, high anxiety, excitement and, of course, partying. This lavish night doesn’t need to be just an evening of stars, but an opportunity to bring life to your next party.

First, let’s take a look at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Governor’s Ball. This party, boasting a central palm tree with Swarovski crystals covering the trunk, towering tropical blooms, and a delicious menu by Wolfgang Puck, was inspired by music and vintage nightclubs.

 83rd Academy Awards, Governors Ball Press Preview

Courtesy of BizBash.com

Courtesy of BizBash.com

This is a fantastic party idea, because it can be taken in so many different directions. Your club atmosphere can be as grandiose or as simple as you want it to be.  Start with brightly colored linens to introduce your color palate to your guests instantly. With the dominant table colors established, you can pair them with contrasting napkins and china.

Next, consult with your event planner to find out which lighting vendor can create a  design that will complement your overall aesthetic. In general, large splashes of color on the walls can create a warm ambiance even in a neutral space with blank white walls.

Then, kick your party into high gear with a live band. Choose either a large brass band to create that old-time feel or, on a smaller scale, consider a jazz trio to play a few sets alternating with a DJ. Like any live show, the performers provide an extra boost of energy by connecting personally with audience members and getting them excited for the dancing to come. The bands are well versed in many different genres of music and are able change gears and cater to the mood of the guests and/or host.

Finally, round out the look and feel of the evening with a variety of centerpieces. Contrasting looks can add extra flair to the room. Tall center pieces with large plumes of feathers and bright floral bouquets establish a dramatic upward movement to the room. Also have your designer create a look that is closer to the table. By pairing a small floral centerpiece with surrounding votives, you can add a touch of light that will produce a more cozy, intimate atmosphere.

By using these basic steps you can replicate a night of classic entertaining.