This Is Not The Career I Ordered

Many people grow up knowing exactly what they want to be, from doctor or lawyer to astronaut or actor. But what happens once you have lived your dream? Is it everything you imagined? Are you satisfied with reaching your goal or do you set a new one and do all you can to achieve that one, too?

Caroline Dowd-Higgins is the author of This is Not the Career I Ordered: Empowering Strategies from Women Who Have Recharged, Reignited, and Reinvented Their Careers. She focuses on female entrepreneurs, the unique challenges of their individual journeys and how they overcame obstacles along the way. For some of these women, a change of career meant a dramatic change of lifestyle – a transformation both daunting and thrilling, and a chance they were willing to take. All of these stories are empowering inspiration for women who, thus far, have only dreamt about taking that next step.

Danielle Bobish was honored when Caroline asked her to be featured in her book. Talking about her career and company, Curtain Up Events, Danielle speaks with Caroline about her path from  actress to event planner. The journey was not an easy one, but it was a sacrifice that has led to great personal fulfillment and success.

You can read Danielle’s story at Caroline’s blog,

To read all of these women’s inspiring stories, This is Not the Career I Ordered can be found at

Keep up with Caroline at her websites: and


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